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  • Podcast No.5 – Lisa Beck

    Lisa Beck is a multifaceted mind, body and spirit coach with a burning desire to help her clients connect to their personal happiness. She is an Awakened Light-Worker who had a rich background in fitness, overcoming personal adversity and breaking through life challenges. Connect with Lisa to follow her upcoming podcast starting in 2017! Connect …

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  • Podcast No.4 – Jamy Schumacher

    Jamy Schumacher is an up-and-coming Life Coach and current Change-Maker who is making big moves to follow her passion of connecting consciousness to adults and children alike. She is the founder of New Perspectives Healing Center in Swisher, Iowa and an Unschooling mother of two. Unprogramming of the adult mind and teaching children in ways …

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  • Podcast No.3 – Nina Potter

    Nina Potter is an expert Relationship Coach who received a wide variety of training including Neuro Linguistic Psychology and Hypnotherapy. This podcast discusses how communication, NLP & Hypnosis can effectively help your relationships along with connecting to your limitless-self. Visit Nina at: www.PlayInYourMarriage.com NinaPotterCoach@gmail.com http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/311194203-intraawareness-intraawareness-podcast-no3-nina-potter.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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  • Podcast No.2 – Leah Somerville

    Leah Somerville is a Licensed Massage Therapist & Shamanic Healer who received training while traveling to India, Peru and across the United States. This podcast discusses how to navigate the awakening process many human beings are currently experiencing.   http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/303933331-intraawareness-intraawareness-podcast-no2-leah-somerville.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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  • Podcast No.1 – Josh Eha

    Dr. Josh Eha is a Doctor of Acupuncture who has traveled the world to combine Eastern & Western Medicine Healing in a very unique way. This podcast discusses his unique practice and some of the methodology behind his work. http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/297549606-sam-wendlandt-461760134-intraawareness-podcast-no1-josh-eha.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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